Institute of Geography is one of the oldest research institutes of Tehran University which started its activities in 1958, the first Statute of Geography Institute was approved by the University Council of Tehran on 6/21/1961, and next in two steps due to the new research needs of the country have been reviewed. The institute was founded with the aim of "promoting new research and geographical studies and identifying the territory of Iran and other neighboring countries and establishing and coordinating with various subsidiary institutes in universities and other executive agencies of the country." (Statute of the Institute approved in 1992)

Throughout its activity, the Institute of Geography has carried out various research projects at national and regional levels, utilizing the knowledge and experiences of top university professors and researchers in the country. By publishing the results of its research, the Institute has made a significant contribution to the production of science and to the provision of research services to the organizations and executive bodies of the country.

The institute is currently publishing four scientific-research journals (three in persian and one in English), conducting research projects for organizations and executive agencies, and conducting specialized courses and workshops in various disciplines geographical sciences continue to operate.