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Iran Deserts Summer School

Iran Deserts Summer School

Call for Applications

Iran Deserts Summer School

A different experience of teaching and learning

Institute of geography, University of Tehran

30 August to 6 September, 2021


Iran as a country located in the southwest Asia is mainly covered by arid, semiarid, and hyper-arid climatic conditions. The country has high geologic, climatologic, biologic, and cultural diversities. Due to these special climatic and geological conditions, Iran is one of the countries with high values of geodiversity and all kinds of desert landforms and landscapes. This summer school intends to provide knowledge of human and physical geography (especially desert landforms and landscapes) as well as some cultural aspects of Iran for international early career scientists (well-motivated advanced graduate students, PhDs, and post-docs) from the fields of: geography, geomorphology, geology, archeology, geoarcheology, orientalism, etc. Students are going to get acquainted with geography (Human and physical), landforms, geology and some cultural aspects of Iran by lectures of experts. Lectures, given in English, are followed by open discussions, thus the participants have the possibility to interact with the experts. At the end, participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance, certified by the Institute of Geography, University of Tehran.


This program will be held in eight days with the following program:

Monday, 30 August / Sunday, 5 September

  • Human Geography of Iran

Fazileh Dadvarkhani (Professor, University of Tehran)

  • Geology and Tectonic of Iran

Seyyed Mohammad Zamanzadeh (Associate Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Iran's Playas and Ergs

Mehran Maghsoudi (Associate Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Desert Climate Conditions in Iran

Ghasem Azizi (Professor, University of Tehran)

  • Where is the Hottest Places of the World

Seyed Kazem Alavi Panah (Professor, University of Tehran)

  • Water Resources in Iran's Desert

Sayed Mossa Hosseyni (Associate Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Iran's Desert Environment

Amirreza Keshtkar (Associate Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Iran's Geoparks

Alireza Amri Kazemi (Director at Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark)

  • Desert Tourism in Iran

Nasim Mohammadi (M.A. Iranian Studies, University of Tehran

Editor in Chief, Gilgamesh Quarterly)

  • Culture and History of Iran

Ali Shahidi (Assistant Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Introduction to Archeology of Iran

Nasir Eskandri Damaneh (Assistant Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Cultural Water landscape in Arid Region

Majid Labbaf Khaneiki(Senior Researcher of UNESCO-ICQHS Guest Researcher and Lecturer, University of Augsburg)

  • Desert Mythology

Ali Shahidi (Assistant Prof, University of Tehran)

  • Astrotourism in Iran

M.J. Torabi (Tourist guide, Amateur Astronomer) & A. Jamshidi (Astrophotographer)


Registration date: 1 July - 20 August 2021

Costs and Registration

International students: 90 USD

register on the link below:


Iranian students: 5,000,000 IRR

register on the link below: